Women, Culture & Society: ‘Spoken Word/Short Story’

Women, Culture & Society: ‘Spoken Word/Short Story’

Women, Culture & Society: ‘Spoken Word/Short Story’

“The Beauty” by Marnie Pili

“When I was a young girl, I grew up with an earthly childhood. In my eyes, the grass was greener. The sun was brighter. My surroundings were greater. Everything was bigger. The beauty was surreal. A careless childhood that was filled with arts and crafts that encouraged you to go beyond your creativity. To dream big and to never let yourself be discouraged.

Growing older, my inspiration slowly drifted away and I became needier to the things of this world. To have ‘this’, and to have ‘that’, and to ‘want’ every ‘thing’ that came into sight. This materialistic mindset had blinded me from the beauty I once prized.

Years passed, and the materials of The Materialistic updated to fit the World Wide Web. Our hands became busy. And technology became the biggest wall to block mankind. Our creativity took place in a device. Our hands were occupied with text messages, and tweets, and updates of a persona we profile. We had neglected the picture we portray of ourselves. Everything that surrounded us was formed through millions of tiny pixels to create an image so wide.

If only we were not led astray and allow ourselves to drown in likes and comments to develop a narcissistic personality. If only we understood the concept of seeking attention from a person, not from a rectangular box that worked because of all the tiny fitting compartments. If only we were not trapped in an infested digital world and lived to just be free.

We have neglected the purpose of humanity. To live and to love. To go far and beyond the technicalities of the machines taking over our lives. To be free and to wonder. To dance and to live in happiness. To appreciate the nature. To value the true beauty of this world.

We have been placed in a world where communication no longer exists anymore. Interaction is behind the screen. And a conversation is constructed by the tap of our thumb and fingers.

If this world is too attached to the life story we build on the palm our hands, we will lose the people close to us sooner than we think. If we don’t release this demonic device that hinders our relationships. If we stop focusing on our representation and start focusing on the real representation of ourselves in this world, we can rebuild our community together. We can relive to create a unison. We can strive for peace.

The lack of connection we have in this society reduces our social interaction with one another. I am a woman that believes that relationships are important. Every day goes by fast, and not many understand that tomorrow maybe our last. So at least, take a moment, to put the phone down, and admire the beauty again that’s right in front of you.

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