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You all may have seen good looking and fit body people advertise detox or diet supplements on Instagram (at least once!), right? Now the size of diet supplements market is getting larger and larger and now if you search ‘detox’ on Amazon, you can find more than 3,000 products. Also, let’s be honest guys, who have never attempted to try those products? they not just only advertise getting nice and summer body in 2weeks, also say it cleanse our body and make healthy! How wonderful it does sound!

However, there are a few voices concerning about this fast-growing trend. So I decided to interview people to find out how does that work and whether it actually works or not.

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Georgia, 21 years old university student in Bournemouth, told that she does not rely on any supplement as a daily base, however, she tried bunch of detox diet programme and supplements when she needs to go out at special events or book a holiday. Despite the fact that she tried many detox methods and stuff quite a lot of time, she told us that the effect of weight loss is not very noticeable. Even more, she said she felt very bloated whenever she took the supplement and after she comes back to her normal diet, she gains weight back quicker and even more than she used to be.

But James concerned many of diet products promoting through Instagram contain Stevia, a non-nutritive sweetener that research suggests may “interfere with the gut-brain axis, increase sweet cravings and appetite.” Also, he said some of the products for these programs contain laxatives – clearly it does not help lose weight fundamentally.

But then how companies can sell those products on market?

The main reason why is the supplements are not regulated as a medicine or medical supplies – which means they are free from all the FDA’s regulation. It is classified as the eatables. So, as long as company imply it would work differently for everyone, they could sell product even they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration

So, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure its products are safe but doesn’t mean we could just sit and hope they are truthful and have responsible for their stuff. We have to check carefully before buy and supplements and check if there are any allergic or problematic ingredients contained.

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