Hi and welcome to my blog I guess!

Im currently a second year undergraduate at Bournemouth University studying Communication and Media. In between going out and binge watching tv series I actually do get up to some work – this blog for example!

Interested in social media? Well if you’re like any other young person in this world you probably are, and if you haven’t guessed from my very imaginative title, this blog focuses on Instagram especially.

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, allowing users to generate huge fanbases individually or for business purposes. This blog looks at exactly how these users do this: what kinds of pictures are they posting? How frequently do they post? Are they advertising certain products? And is it all worth it?

People put so much time and effort to construct an image of themselves online, those who receive a big enough following can even be deemed ‘insta-famous’. The beautiful and successful taking over this social networking site has become nothing out of the ordinary, rubbing their amazing lives in everyones faces. So lets analyse the s**t of of them, because who doesn’t like a good insta-stalk!