Insta-celebrities: Who are they and what do they do?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms with over 200 million active users sharing 60 million images per day. It is fast becoming a serious marketing tool with hundreds of celebrities posting regularly to update fans on their lives, businesses and fashion choices, the Insta-celebrities empire of the Kardashians is an obvious example, with Kim alone generating one of the largest followings of 88.5 million!

Kim Kardashian's Instagram - December 2016

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram – December 2016

However it is not only celebrities benefitting from this type of publicity, hundreds, if not thousands of average joe’s just like me and you, are now using Instagram to construct images of themselves and/or their businesses in order to make profit – be that financial or personal.

Another great example, in more of a positive light, is that of fitness phenomenon Kayla Itsines, the 25 year old personal trainer from Adelaide, Australia. Her Bikini Body Guide (aka BBG) fitness program has become much more than just a workout routine for some, dominating the health world on Instagram.

Kayla is the kind of woman other women want to be, skin always a shimmery bronze, brows always perfectly arched and a beautifully muscular but feminine physique. In the past few years she’s become an unstoppable force on Instagram with the only thing brighter than her future being her gleaming Adidas trainers. And it all started with the simple, and pretty obvious idea, that to get fit you have to eat well and exercise (revolutionary, I know!).


Itsines now has more than 5.3 million followers on Instagram, spreading her message that fitness is all about being happy, re-posting before and after gym selfies and inspirational quotes, empowering every woman that comes across her on the platform. Combine that with the fact that she has a smokin’ boyfriend who is also her business partner, two adorable huskies, and has made a shit tonne of money and inevitably the envy really starts to sink in.

Whether you like it or not we are in the age of this insta-celebrity, those people, like Kayla, who you find popping up on your feed rubbing their success in your face. Those who seemingly to have enough time and money to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do, achieving their goals while having the time of their lives. With the endless selfies, millions of dinner time snaps and travelling pictures a plenty, we find ourselves wondering just how do they do it?

Over the next few blog posts that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring, delving deep into the secrets of what makes a successful Instagram profile. Taking a look into the many forms of selfies and how these photos alone can make a recognisable figure on Instagram. The type of Instagram profiles people create will be examined like travel, fashion and gym profiles, which all become popular in their own way, portraying certain styles of living. Even how once a certain level of fame is reached, users are approached to advertise and endorse products, some of which are only ever really seen advertised on this platform.

So if you fancy yourself a pro-selfie taker, or just enjoy a good landscape shot, and want to jump on the bandwagon of insta-fame, this is the place to be.



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